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A Friday newsletter that sums up the week’s investment news in 5 bullets. This includes the biggest updates related to stocks, cryptocurrency, NFTs, and any new investment ideas that I discover during the week.

5-Bullet Friday does not cover bonds, CDs, money market accounts, savings accounts, and other time wasters.

Who is Teddy Stavetski?

Teddy is a top-rated financial writer. He has 175+ 5-star reviews on Fiverr.com and currently writes for InvestmentU and Academic Partnerships. He gears his writing towards younger investors who are fighting against stacked odds. What do you mean by “stacked odds”? Well…

  1. The average apartment costs $1.5k

  2. The average student loan debt is 5-figures

  3. Inflation is at 8%

For these reasons, keeping money in a savings account or a bond is quite literally a waste of time. Teddy keeps helps uncover new ways to invest your money. He also keeps you up-to-date on the investment world.

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